Jeff Sessions Wants To Throw Me In Prison

Attorney General and noted evil gnome Jeff Sessions wants to throw me in prison. He wants to throw you in prison too. Why, do you ask? It’s because you use cannabis. Like me, you are using cannabis to make your life more bearable. Whether you are treating yourself for cancer or epilepsy, dealing with chronic pain, or trying to feel less stressed out and crappy in general, Sessions thinks that you belong in jail. He wants to take away your medicine and throw you in prison along with murderers and rapists.

If you think that doesn’t sound fair, then you are right. You are not a criminal. Neither am I, or any of the millions of people who use cannabis daily in this country. As of this year, there are an estimated 2,299,016 medicinal cannabis users in the US according to the Marijuana Policy Project.  This number only reflects legal users in the states where medical cannabis is legal in some form. This number obviously does not include everyone. Many people do not report their cannabis use because they do not want to be seen as criminals, either because of the stigma that still surrounds medicinal cannabis users, or more likely medical cannabis is still illegal where they live. These people are not criminals Jeff Sessions.

There is currently no estimate on the number of medicinal cannabis users here in Idaho, because cannabis is not legal here. I can tell you that there are a lot of medical cannabis patients here. According to the law, they are criminals. They are not criminals, however. They are our neighbors, our friends, members of our family, or in some cases our children. They are not harming anyone. If you’re so concerned about cannabis related crimes, Mr. Sessions, why not just legalize cannabis nationwide. Legalization would certainly unclog our bloated legal system. But I get the feeling that that’s not what Mr. Sessions and others who think like him are after.

Why don’t you actually go after real criminals, Mr. Sessions? Maybe you could stop harassing old ladies with cancer, and address America’s growing Nazi problem? That should be enough to keep you busy for the next four years.