Idaho To Lose $1 BILLION As Extremists Keep Cannabis Illegal

“If we don’t look at it, it doesn’t exist.” Is the current political philosophy propagated by Butch Otter, Idaho’s current governor. This may have been fine in the 1970’s during the height of the Reefer Madness propaganda, but this is 2017. Cannabis is no longer illegal across the United States. In fact, there’s not a state bordering Idaho that doesn’t have “some” form of legalized Cannabis.

Idaho extremists such as Butch Otter & his drug czar Elisha Figueroa refuse to believe this is happening.

Their complete denial of the realities of 2017 aren’t just a moral disaster, they are going to economically devastate Idaho. No matter how much they want to bury their heads in the sands, it doesn’t change the fact that 74% of Idahoans support Medical Cannabis, and that Idahoans are driving across the border and spending at least $100M+ per year on LEGAL Cannabis.

Idaho will lose over $1 BILLION over the next 10 years if we keep Cannabis illegal.

This isn’t speculation. This is happening right now, and the rate at which this is happening is only going to increase. Have you heard of 420 Ville? Hotbox Farms? There are dispensaries less than a 30 minute drive from Idaho’s borders that are making MILLIONS of dollars every year – from Idaho citizens.

This trend isn’t slowing down. You can find dispensaries in Washington, you can find dispensaries in Oregon, and with Nevada legalized, soon you are going to find dispensaries south of the border as well.

The Idaho population who overwhelmingly support Cannabis, are driving across the border to buy their weed. Who would blame them? They don’t want to break the laws. They don’t want to buy from back alley meth dealers. Nobody likes to go buy Cannabis only to have some cocaine or meth offered as well. For many Idahoans, these legal dispensaries are a refuge from having to deal with a stereotypical drug dealer.

Idaho’s current policies have 100% failed – Cannabis is not being regulated.

In no way shape or form, is Cannabis being regulated in Idaho. The current system of keeping it “illegal” is not keeping Idahoans from using Cannabis. It is not keeping Idahoans from supporting Cannabis. Currently Idaho is the wild wild west, with absolutely no regulation, no rules, no control over the Cannabis industry. We are buying $100M+ per year in Cannabis, that does not sound like an industry that is being regulated. That is burying your head in the sand and pretending it doesn’t exist.

We are living in the modern equivalent of a country without laws. The laws we have, are not being enforced. They are not being followed. As far as Cannabis goes, Idaho operates in total anarchy.

If we want to have control over the Cannabis industry, we need to create laws that are capable of being followed. When Idaho tries to implement a system that was designed to fail, it may as well not implement a system in the first place.

The money is gushing out of our economy. We are not taxing it. We are not regulating it. We are not policing it. There is absolutely no enforcement of the rule of law in Idaho regarding Cannabis. It’s time we take control of the industry instead of giving it to the criminals.

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