First Ever CBD Isolate Store Coming To The Treasure Valley

I first met Johnny Chavez (cofounder of Welcomed Science along with his business partner Mike Larsen) during a smoke out protest rally that was being held in Boise’s Capitol. Johnny was the one who first opened my eyes to the fact that you actually CAN buy CBD oil in Idaho, the main problem was that often CBD oil would also contain trace amounts of THC that caused the product to become illegal (at least in Idaho).

Johnny and Mike teamed up with another one of their friends who had been working in CBD & THC extraction for years, and they created a full line of THC FREE CBD infused products that are not only effective, affordable, and delicious, but 100% legal in Idaho.

In a state that is constantly attempting to deny the science & medical value behind CBD oil, Welcomed Science is a very.. welcomed name for Idaho’s first ever CBD isolate store.

So how do you consume CBD oil?

Welcomed Science’s first product line contains tinctures, breath spray, chewable tablets, and CBD infused water. In the future Welcomed Science is planning on introducing pet products, muscle rubs, CBD infused treats, and that’s only the tip of the amount of products that can be created with CBD isolate oil.

Each product is precisely manufactured to ensure exact concentrations of CBD in each product. Welcomed Science tests every single batch of CBD products to ensure that they contain 0.00% THC. This not only keeps the product legal, but ensures that you receive all of the benefits of a daily CBD regime, without any of the possible psychoactive effects of THC.

When can you start shopping?

Welcomed Science’s first location will be on the corner of Glenwood & Chinden in Garden City Idaho. They are planning to open their doors within just a couple weeks. Welcomed Science stores will not only offer a full line of Welcome Science branded products, but also be stocked with the biggest and best CBD products in the industry (that can legally be sold in Idaho).

To learn about their grand opening & to be updated on future product lines, make sure to follow Welcomed Science on Facebook. You can also visit their website which will be continuously updated with new information about open dates, new products, and everything else related to Welcomed Science.

As soon as the stores open we encourage you to come stop on by and learn why as a society it’s time that we Welcomed Science.

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