Federal Survey PROVES Legalization Decreases Cannabis Use In Teens

Last April Elisha Figueroa Idaho’s “chief drug policy authority” published an article about how the experiment with legalized marijuana isn’t working out. She cherry picked a number of pretty misleading facts.

The truth of the matter is that if legalization wasn’t working out, she wouldn’t need to cherry pick facts. When talking about how “Colorado youth’s past-month use for 2013-2014 was a whopping 74 percent higher than the national average” she failed to mention the REAL facts about legalization.

Teen Cannabis use in Colorado decreased SHARPLY after legalization from 20.81% in 2013-2014 to 18.81% in 2014-2015.

According to a new Federal survey data, legalization didn’t increase teen use in Colorado. Colorado recreational Cannabis was legalized in January of 2014, Elisha used the year PRIOR to legalization to try and prove that “legalization doesn’t work”. How crazy is that?

You would think that Idaho’s “authority” on drug policy would actually pay attention to when legalization occurred before spouting off facts to try and prove her failing arguments.

Over 90% of teens already have access to Cannabis.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was a high schooler so I can personally testify to this fact. It is easier to get Cannabis in Idaho than it is to get alcohol. Why is that? Because alcohol is freaking regulated. If you don’t think that your teenager can’t get their hands on Cannabis you’re living in a bubble.

It’s no longer a matter of keeping Cannabis away from our children. It’s a matter of educating them about responsible use of their substances.

It’s the exact same way with sex education as it is with Cannabis education.

If we don’t teach our children how to use Cannabis & alcohol in a healthy manner, there’s going to be a meth dealing drug addict that will teach them instead. Your child IS going to come into contact with Cannabis. We have a choice to either educate them ourselves, or let them “find out” completely on their own.

It’s much safer & effective to EDUCATE our children about Cannabis than it is to let their friends or a drug dealer do it.

Cannabis Prohibition means drug dealers are teaching your kids how to use drugs.

Legalization doesn’t mean more access to Cannabis. Cannabis is already there. Our children are already exposed to it. Legalization means education. Legalization means regulation. Legalization means instead of buying Cannabis from a meth dealer who doesn’t care what age you are, it means buying Cannabis from a licensed professional organization who will only sell to someone 21+ with a medical prescription from a doctor.

We need to have an open conversation about Cannabis use, and we can’t do that when our government officials are trying their hardest to shove propaganda down our throat. It’s time to legalize it. It’s time to educate our children about the realities of the world.

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