Boise Hempfest 2017 – Saturday, April 15th

Boise Hempfest 2017 is a Cannabis Education Event, organized by local Marijuana Reform activists, and scheduled for Saturday, April 15th 2017 in Julia Davis Park, 700 S. Capitol Blvd, in downtown Boise, Idaho. (click for directions)

Officially licensed through the original Seattle Hempfest™ and sponsored in part by Hotbox Farms, Idaho Moms for Marijuana, Green MajorityNew Approach Idaho, Compassionate Idaho and the Russ Belville Show, this year’s FREE “protestival” will feature live entertainment; including music, belly dancers and fire dancers.

A family friendly Kid Land, complete with a bounce house and prizes, makes it fun for all ages!

Come join us Saturday, April 15th for the largest Cannabis event in Idaho!

Speakers from around the country, as well as displays in the “Enchanted Forest”, will provide an abundance of Cannabis education to the Treasure Valley.

This 2nd annual Boise Hempfest is held in honor of the great Jack Herer. Somewhere along your Cannabis journey, you may have encountered the strain of Marijuana that is named in his honor.  Known as the Emperor of Hemp, Jack Herer was an author, activist, and considered the father of the modern day Marijuana movement. He is most widely known for his acclaimed book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, which documents the corporate conspiracy behind the prohibition of Cannabis and the history of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp in American culture.

April 15th marks the 7th anniversary of Jack’s passing in 2010. To help memorialize his legacy, there will be a special display in the “Enchanted Forest” about Jack and his life. Copies of his books, as well as the movie about his life,  Jack Herer: Emperor of Hemp, are just a few of the prizes will be given away from the Bandshell stage throughout the day! (see schedule below)

Come down to Julia Davis Park and enjoy the entertainment and education!

Check out “Munchies Market” with a large variety of local food vendors. Stick around and browse the goods at “Vendor Village” with commercial and craft items from local artists and vendors.

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Boise Hempfest Event Schedule:

10am – Knotty Brine
11am – Prize Giveaway
12 pm – This Awkward Moment
1pm – Jensen Buck & The Family
1:35 pm – Prize Giveaway
2pm – Oceans of Mars
3pm – Tsun Dog
4:20 pm – Prize Giveaway
4:30pm – Cairo Fusion Belly Dancers
5:30 pm – The Broken Outlaws
6:30 pm – Bukkit
7:05 pm – Prize Giveaway
7:30 pm – Rhythm & Rhyme
8:25 pm – Infinitum Arts Collective Fire Dancers

~Hope to see you there!~

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: According to Idaho Statute 37-2732C(a), it is ILLEGAL to use or be under the influence of a controlled substance in public. In addition, per Boise City Code, smoking tobacco is also prohibited in public parks.

The Boise Police Department will likely be in attendance and Boise Hempfest does not wish to see anyone arrested or cited while at our event. Anyone smoking a substance of ANY KIND will be asked to leave the park.


Posters and flyers are now available for promotions with local businesses. Sponsorships are always welcome! Coordinate with organizers to get yours by emailing

Volunteers are still needed to help with the every aspect of the event. Get a free Boise Hempfest 2017 tshirt and donate some of your time to the cause by emailing TODAY!

If you are in Northern Idaho, and cannot make it down to Boise’s Hempfest be sure to check out Moscow Hempfest, the weekend after Boise! April 22nd, 2017 – East City Park, Moscow, Idaho

The current Idaho Medical Marijuana petition will be available at BOTH events!

Help get Medical Marijuana legalized in Idaho by making sure you are registered to vote now so you can sign at the event. *Felons in Idaho receive their voting rights back upon completion of sentence.


Artist: Wyatt Wurtenburger